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The Rottweiler Photographer Frank Widmer already came into contact with photography during his childhood. His first experience was as a photographer for the local press. Among other things he worked as a sport’s photographer and event’s photographer. He was also photographically active at public events. During his school years he took part in various workshops being offered by the school. In addition he learned what he could do with negatives in the darkroom. The challenge of representing expressive images always fascinated him over and over again. Despite his love of photography he left school to go onto gastronomy my. Through his carrer he was given the opportunity to travel to distant lands. In an unconventional way he was able to stay in places not apparent to usual travels In spite of his busy job he always used the opportunity to see the beauty of nature and to capture it with his camera.

Impressive pictures are the results.

Frank has been working as a sous-chef for Southern Discoveries in Milford sound before he moved on to work for Heritage Expeditions and Real Journeys.

In nature’s isolation he always finds new challenges with the light and nature to play with.

 This is reflected in his pictures which are always impressively portrayed. Through his moods he brings the viewer closer to his art.


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