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changing plan part 2

Sometimes making changes is unavoidable, if there are too many obstacles and hurdles in the way it is best to change the plan that is what I did in January, after I found out that no one was absolutely sure with shipping cost if Brexit is going to happen. That was not an easy decision to make leave bike in New Zealand and put it back into storage. At the end it was a good decision I made. After spending more than 1.5 years in Ireland and working there in a castle as pastry chef I returned to New Zealand. As I want reregister my bike, I found out that my wof has expired, at first, I was very confident that I got my warrant of fitness get done without trouble, I just did my previous wof km 2600 before. In general bike was fine there was just that concern of the engineer with my rear suspension that there is a slag of round 5mm which he though is not acceptable for safe riding on road, and I didn’t get my wof first time.

Now I had to find a mechanic which can replace rear suspension connector, everything was organized to fix, until I got the call from bike shop some of the parts are available but there main part what I needed is out of stock in NZ and eta was not available that time, I tried my bike shop in Germany same information part is not available in Germany either eta 3 weeks from that point. Nearly 8 weeks passed to get parts shipped to New Zealand, bike get finally fixed. It is now late summer already, but weather is much better than last 3 month it was raining snowing and stormy for the whole time not a good time to be riding. I have not much new tours but many new photos of stunning places of New Zealand.

I made a last minute change 4 days before my flight depart Queenstown to Auckland, I decided to freight my bike from Auckland to Queenstown, and I booked a return flight, not only for the time I would spend on the bike. This time it was more convenient and much easier to freight bike from Auckland to Queenstown otherwise I had to take holiday which I need later this year. Everything has been booked. On my day 10, (I work 10 days on and 4 days off);

All looked good so far despite we experienced heavy rainfall, thunder, lightning and galeforce winds, road is closed due to flooding on more locations that we get next road status update by 1.00pm. it didn’t got better rain got more heavy and we had to evacuate wharf, and staff accomedation. That all staff had to take some belongings they need to stay for the night on the boat, that is the safest place that time, because Cleadau river grow to a raising torrent no one know if the bank will hold and if in worst case scenario the staff accommodation would be flooded.

A big part of the road has been washed out too, worst of all the road will be closed for the whole week!!!

I have had to cancel my flight again.



Borland Road

Borland Road is the only road access to the South arm of Lake Manapouri.

Construction of Borland road begun in 1962, to enable to service the Power line from the Power Station on Lake Manapouri. Today the road is important to outdoor enthusiasts. Many tramps start beside the road or on top of the Borland

Saddle, even a camp spot is set up with toilet facility’s.

The access point is in between Clifden and Manapouri just north of the Blackmount school, a bus shelter is beside the access road.

The road condition can vary from the weather condition, in winter month it is possible that the road is closed by snow fall. A round trip from Te Anau to the South arm is around 180 km 90 kms are unsealed road but very easy to drive no river or ford crossings for the whole distance.

An ideal pick nick spot is the south arm very idyllic and romantic to watch the sun set at lake Manapouri, a camp spot and some toilets can be found at the end of the road.

Please remember take all your rubbish back out and leave the place as you found it untouched and leave only your foot prints in the sand as remaining you have been visiting this place.

There is one accommodation at the Borland Road, the Borland Lodge. In the summer month the huts can be fully booked by school classes and groups.