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Cheung Chau

Cheung Chau


Cheung Chau is a small island 10 km south of Hong Kong. It has been inhabited for longer than most places in the territory of Hong Kong. There are living around 23.000 people on the Island in 2006. Administratively, it is part of the Island district.




Under the terms of the 1898 Second of Convention of Peking, the New Territories and 200 smaller islands including Cheung Chau were leased to the United Kingdom for 99 years at that time. Cheung Chau was mainly a fishing village. People from other places in South of China have settled the Island; for example Hoklo, they are mainly fishing people, Hakka people; Chiu Chau; and Yue Ca. The Island slowly evolved into commercial hub with merchants selling supplies to the local fishing people, boat repairs and fishing gear as well as part to do business and small farmers nearby on Lantau Island.




First Ferry operates in between Central and Cheung Chau from the Ferry pier in Central. The Ferry run approximately every 30 minutes, depending time of the year. The trip of about 20 km takes around 55 minutes but it depend on weather and sea condition.


Bun Festival


The annual Cheung Chau Bun Festival is a festive celebration, which include a parade which start at 10.00 am on that day. It get extreme busy on that day I recommend an early start into the day otherwise the queue at the pier is as long as the Warf it self. Most famously including young children dressed as famous characters doing impossible balancing acts.

The highlight of this festival is climbing up the bun tower at midnight, the higher the competitor climb and the more buns he collects from the different level the more points he gains. The buns are marked on the back and get counted as soon the competitors get safely back on the ground after be bell sounded.


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Cheung Chau Bun Festival

Hong Kong, Macau, part 2

After a long time of preparation for my holiday’s I will visit Hong Kong and Macau for my 2nd time. This time I will stay for 3 weeks in Hong Kong and 1 week in Macau to get in touch with people and see more of the culture and history of this beautiful place. There are a few day walks to explore around HK such as Devils Peak or old HK with some historic houses dating back to colonial times. Or see a concert of one of the great and famous artists in HK would be awesome. In Macau is one famous beach at Taipa Island I want to see, even though the night sky line of the amusements in Macau. There is so much to discover and see, may 4 weeks are not enough time again. I look forward for this amazing trip, and see all my friends too.