Harrison Cove

This trip was one of my day trips in Milford Sound to discover Harrison Cove where I spend the whole day on the beach to observe the wild live and find the remains of the former sealing station. Harrison Cove used to be one of the most busiest sealing station in New Zealand Harrison. Fure seal fat has been modified and was used to lighten streets in UK Cove, and the fure was used in the fashion industry, fure seal have one of the densest fure in the world and keep extreme warm. Harrison Cove  is named after Captain John Harrison which invented the first ship chronometer, he build his first longcase clock 1713 with the age of 20.

I refer to an article I found, John Harrison and the longitude problem – national museum to read the whole story about one of our greatest sailor and inventor in sailing.

Lake Marian

Lake Marian is a lake in the Darran Mountains in the hart of Fiordland National Park in the South of New Zealand.

If you have no transport option from Te Anau www.tracknet.co.nz is the best choice to get to the car park at the entrance to Hollyford Valley. From there it take a 1.5h walk to the lake, after around 20 minutes walk you get the first glimpse of the Marian Creek which is a good oportunity for a short photo stop.  From there on the track is well marked and sometimes you have to pass gravel pits. The tramping track is not very challenging, in dry conditions, after heavy rain it get very dirty on some section of the track just before you get out of the forest.

If you like camping in the nature this is the best lace to be.