Cleddau Valley

The day started with sunshine what is not common in Milford Sound at this time of the year. I decided to go for a day walk into the Cleddau Valley, just around the next corner. A good starting point is the Blue Duck Cafe and Bar in Milford City, where food and refreshments are available for a day walk.

There is only one road which is going to the Cashem State Highway 94 back to Te Anau. There are many interesting stops on the way, I suggest to stop at Deep Water Baisin to take a close look to our rock lobster fishing fleet, Little Tahiti is not far away just opposite the quarry on the main road, few km’s up the road is the historical swing bridge. ┬áThe next stop will be the Cashem.

There start the walk into the Cleddau Valley, follow the round course as soon you reach the 2nd bridge, climb the fence and walk up stream, keep on the right sight of the river it is much easier to walk up stream, there is no marked route to the end of the valley.

I recommend to do this hike only if there was no rain for a few days and the water level in the river is very low. After heavy rain the river get a current stream it is impossible and unsafe to make any crossings.

The hike is not to underestimate and take from the Blue Duck return easily 9 h for 29km’s

Inquire first about the weather condition before heading out.