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Langkawi is a kind of Tropical Island, which forms out of 99 individual islands. There are two transport options to get to Langkawi by airplane or by ferry. Kuah is the most southern part of the island and the arrival port for the ferry from the mainland of Malaysia.

Most of the islands are remote and few of them can be visited by boat. Island hopping is the best way to explore in very short time for different islands. We inquired at the hotel for a special deal to explore the surrounding island, few minutes later we were picked up by one of the tour guides and went to the harbour. As we boarded the little boat we get a small induction and advised to wear life jackets, because the open water could be rough. Our first drop off was at Beras Basah Island (which means wet rice island) with white sandy beaches and a private hut. Wild monkeys were everywhere around the coconut trees and welcoming the visitors. As we looked back to Langkawi Island we could see a massive black cloud is moving towards us and not long later we had a massive downpour but very warm rain. However we had to board the boat for next destination, Dayang Bunting Island (Which means pregnant maiden island). This time we had to enter the open sea and it was very rough on the boat but I had my fun on this ride while others passengers didn’t look that amazed. From the boat we could see eagles far away unaware that we had to pass this area, our skipper stopped very close to the eagle to take a close look at them before we continued to Dayang Bunting Island. Due to the heavy rain, we had to leave the eagles for next destination.

On Dayang Bunting Island, we had to disembark in heavy raining but luckily we found a shed to protect us from the rain. The wind picked up and the waves on the way back are around 1m high, it was a great experience once more to fly from wave to wave and white caps were everywhere the eye could look. As we reached the harbor safely, we went for Chocolate shopping especially when shopping in Langkawi is tax-free everywhere. My friend and I went to a Chinese food outlet and ordered some fresh fish and vegetables as our dinner. On the next morning we were very happy to find out that the ferry to Koh Lipe is still available in month of May although it is stopped as stated in website due to raining season. We then made last minute decision and traveled about 2 hours from Kuah town to Telaga Harbor in order to catch the ferry to Koh Lipe. For your information, it is also known as the little Maldives in South East Asia but It belongs to Thailand therefore we will need to go through immigration counter and get passport chopped to cross. We were very excited to make it for the legendary island!

Overall in Langkawi, there are options whether to stay in luxurious Hotels or a budget hostel as you may easily find one. Many would opt to plan in advance so as to save cost from last minute booking. However, we found out that if you look for special deals on the Internet few days before you arrive and you are still in time to get first class resorts with special prices especially during low season. Let’s explore Langkawi!

Koh Lipe

Maldives of Thailand


Koh Lipe is one of the smallest islands, which belong to Thailand; this small gem is located in Andaman Sea. In the summer month is a ferry shuttle going from Langkawi twice a day to Koh Lipe, the ferry ride is going through the open sea and take around 1.5h for the 35 km journey. Many little island passing by on the left and right side of the boat.

The first highlight is at arriving at the harbor at Koh Lipe, there is no jetty or any thing look like, small boats which called taxi too will stop beside the ferry and the passenger have disembark on the open see and climb into the local boats to get on land.

For the last few meters each individual has to walk a short distance through the warm crystal clear water to the beach to get to the Immigration where the passport get hand handed back to each visitor, the whole procedure was a new experience to me, the immigration officer was calling the nationality and name of the passport holder.


Just beside the immigration office is Harmony café and bakery located, I would say the best long black coffee on the island, a small selection of international bakery is offered too such as Danish, Muffins and Scones.


The taxi service is based on motorbikes with sidecars, easy to get on and get a lift to the booked accommodation. On our first night we stayed at sunset beach at Porn Resort in a small bungalow, which was very warm, and no air conditioning was set up just a fan on the wall. For my first time I saw a tarantula spider in the room as I went for a toilet at nighttime, it scared the s… out of me because I didn’t expect anything like that to see at the wall in the bathroom. Spider was around 5 cm in diameter.


Our second night we spend at Wapi Resort which is located at sunrise beach, south of the Thai Andaman Sea, this resort is absolute spotless clean any where you look. Free Wi-Fi gets provided on the whole property. At the beach is the massage center located I took a traditional Thai massage which was very relaxing to listen to the soft rolling of the waves at the beach.


On the next day we booked a snorkeling trip by Baan Kasirin, which included 5 individual stops on different location, we had nothing to took at food was provided, drinks, fins and snorkeling mask even swim vests every thing was provided. All locations where special with so many different corals on the ground the visibility was awesome crystal clear water, the corals where very color full and the fishes where in all bright colors you can imagine, yellow, orange, green, purple. I never experienced that much variation of fishes in the water.


On our final and last night we want stay some where close in town and we booked Lipe Inn Motel, the price is reasoble but no breakfast get served. Every thing is in the room what is needed free water bottles, shower and a air conditioning.

For breakfast we went for one of the street stands, and ordered Thai panama and chocolate pancake, mango and sticky rice, and to drink a fresh coconut, the perfect start into the day.

It take us just few minutes to walk into the main street, to get our last dinner in one of the famous fish restaurants, don’t get surprised if the restaurant is not open at 6.00pm, it is far to early. All the staff set up the BBQ and fresh fish display in front of the restaurant. All kind of fish is available squid, jumbo prawns, tuna, crab is only a few I can remember, charged get peer kg. One of my best seafood I ever had.


The ferry to Koh Lipe from Langkawi operates only in the summer month. It depart from Telaga Harbour to Koh lipe twice a day. The seats on the ferry are very limited if you want guarantee a seat I would recommend to make a online booking few days before you travel.