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from world abandoned to fairytale castle

From world abandoned to a fairytale castle


After more than 7 years living and working on all part of the globe I returned one more time to Ireland. As I remembered I left Ireland in November 2007 just before the crises hit the whole economy. On my return I had some old memory’s in mind and was exited what I have to see and how much Ireland has been changed over the years.

For first few month I found a place to work in Waterford the oldest medivel city on south east. To my surprise many historic pubs didn’t exist any more, it was very sad to see there appearance broken windows, overgrown pergolas, no one rely bothered bout this part any more. On other hand Ireland had a big improvement on the road upgrade highways and Airports are stunning on their modernest structure. After my shift I strolled through Waterford and to my surprise it appeared much quieter than many years before, many pubs are open only at weekends, and the pedestrian steed is less crowded than before. Than I got a great opportunity to work in one of the best Castels in Ireland Kilronan Castel, it is hard to believe that that Hotel used to be on the world abandoned list, it is not long time ago it was totally ruined. But in early 2000 Hanly Group took the brave step forward to put an dream into reality. It took many years and many hard working hours to rebuild this Castle to todays prestine glory. The inventory has been carefully selected to decorate very single room from entrance, to lobby even dining room has it own charm. As I walked in on my first time I have been totally stunned what can be done, to rescue such a great building and show the public the beauty of history. Just a short stroll from the Hotel is Lake Mallegh, very easy walk through forest with very old trees to look at. There is a little loop walk in the forest with few stunning look outs and benches to chill out. After such an experience it would be good to have a light snack in the bar, the Afternoon tea is one of the best I have had on all my traveling around the world. I dried bar food and dinner menu too I couldn’t find any fault. In general I could feel the impact of the recession locals are more considered than before what they are doing. In the same way the are still as lively and social then before.