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took much longer to fix bike,

There is a saying, for everything is a reason why it happen in your live. Sometimes you find out after some time, why it happen. That happen tome many times before and in 2019 as well, my tour has been pretty much set up, only few documentation has been missing, application for carnet de passage, shipping bike to next destination. I couldn’t get documents I needed because bike didn’t pass warrant of fitness. The bike need to fixed first. This is my story about changing plans part 3.

After I finally got all my spare parts to fix the bike passed nearly 9 month, some parts where out of stock for 2 month in Germany too, earliest eta would be late autumn early summer 2019 in new Zealand. It took until late January to get parts shipped from Germany to new Zealand. As they arrived I have been busy on the south island, and needed few days off to replace and modify parts. Flight to Auckland has been booked, just on the day before my flight went to Auckland Milford sound experienced one of the most destructive typhoon and floods. Apart of the road in Hollyford Valley got washed away and the road has been closed for nearly 6 weeks, there was no escape out of Milford Sound, I canceled all my flight to Auckland and waited of a better time to travel, in January we heared about covid 19 first time, no one knew really what was going on. I re-booked my flight for April, just before my scheduled flight departed whole new Zealand went into full lockdown for 3 month.

After lock down I could finally fix bike in December 2020. Despite bike has been stored for nearly 2 years it fired up immediately, was super exited to drop off bike by an bmw service centre in Auckland. Staff was very professional and every thing has been done what need ed to be done, this was the best experience I have had in New Zealand with any BMW service centre.

It was Christmas already the weather perfect, surprisingly I had some time for 2.5 weeks as well. I planed a trip from Pallisar Bay to Auckland a combination of back roads, main roads, and 4wd tracks. But I will tell more about this track in my next story. This a re some outstanding location I have visited since I have been back to New Zealand.